Personal Tax Preparation

Personal Tax Preparation in Middletown

US tax form 1040 with pen and calculatorAt Flynn Group, Inc., we offer tax services for independent professionals and both active and retired military service members. Our experienced CPAs are ready to guide your tax planning and preparation to support your financial growth. We can help you avoid surprises with the IRS by precisely determining the amount of your tax refund or liability. As your Middletown tax advisors, we provide personalized guidance that you can use throughout the year and not only during tax time.

We help you understand the tax ramifications of your decisions surrounding life-changing events such as marriage, job changes, and home buying. At the beginning of each year, we send out organizers and checklists so you can keep track of all essential documents. If you're looking for expert Middletown tax services, Flynn Group, Inc. is ready to help minimize your liabilities by identifying all relevant opportunities. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation!

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Your Middletown Tax Advisor

Soldier reunited with his family in parkKeeping up with ever-changing tax regulations and remaining compliant with the IRS can take valuable time away from your busy schedule. The pressure of trying to manage everything at once could result in costly errors. We continually stay up to date with new tax laws, so we know precisely what to look for when filing taxes and what forms are required.

Our tax services can save you time, and our reliable CPAs are available to answer questions and address your tax concerns. With our first-hand experience in tax preparation for active and retired military personnel, we understand your unique perspective. If you work on base, are transferred to a new state, or rent property during your service, we can advise you on how these situations affect your taxes. Other situations that influence your taxes include:

Significant Purchases: When you make a substantial purchase, such as a new home, our CPAs will consider your risk tolerance and objectives to create a financial plan. We can help you select the right investment type that fits your needs, goals, and personality.

Ownership of Rental Properties: Many assets, such as rental properties, come with attached tax liabilities. We can help you determine the actual value and prepare rental income taxes to ensure that your asset does not become a burden in the future.

Retirement Planning: Retirement planning is an excellent tax strategy to help minimize your current taxes and defer them until later. Our CPAs will help you take advantage of various retirement accounts to strengthen your investment plan and build your savings. These plans include 401(k) and IRA plans.

Multiple Sources of Income: Our experienced CPAs will help you manage earnings from numerous sources more effectively. Controlling your income streams enables you to understand how much money you'll need for tax payments, savings, and other monthly expenditures.

Ownership of a Small Business: Working with our certified tax professionals will ensure that your business is taking full advantage of various deductions, write-offs, and other tax advantages. We will also see that you remain informed about the constantly changing tax laws and regulations.

Meticulous Trust & Estate Tax Preparation

senior couple meeting with tax specialistIf you are an executor or heir, our team at Flynn Group, Inc. can assist you in minimizing your administrative burdens. Our CPAs will periodically review your tax plan to identify any necessary modifications resulting from changes in trust and estate tax laws, tax rates, or family circumstances. We make sure your plan meets your short-term and long-term goals and minimizes your liabilities. Whether you need help with state or federal tax preparation, we are highly experienced in preparing fiduciary tax returns and trust accounting.

Our team will continually review your estate and trust plans to ensure that your financial objectives are clearly defined. Since financial decisions and life changes influence your tax liability, we will walk with you every step of the way to maximize opportunities and minimize risks. We help you file IRS tax forms such as:

  • Form 1040 - For filing income taxes
  • Form 1041 - For filing tax returns as a trustee for someone deceased
  • Form 706 - For filing estate tax returns for US citizens or resident decedents

Your Expert Tax Advisor in Middletown

tax advisor and client shaking handsWhether you want to itemize your deductions and review each line or simply drop off your financial documents, our team has the flexibility to work around your schedule and goals. Expert tax preparation in Middletown is one of the critical services we provide to help you accomplish your long-term goals. We also offer personalized services in terms of convenient meeting times and locations.

At Flynn Group, Inc., we help you file your return on time and always stay current on any changes to local, state, and federal tax laws. Our mission is to provide you with the most value by protecting as much of your revenue as possible. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

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